What Is Chemical Haircut? Know All About This !
What is chemical cutting?
Chemical cutting occurs when there is extreme aggression to the hair, either by excessive straightening, strands or lights made with hair weakened by another chemical process, product application errors (incompatibility, break time, excess, straightening force, among others). One of the most common is the incompatibility between the chemical ones. For example, if you do a Guanidine-based straightening / relaxation and then apply Ammonia Thioglycolate on top, your hair will surely break. And this is nothing more than the famous chemical cut.
The Main Symptoms Of Chemical Haircutting
Some symptoms are very characteristic of chemical cutting:
- The tips break easily as if they were falling apart;
- The thread is full of white dots, double ends, triple and even quadruple;
- It becomes elastic, that is, you pull the thread and it goes back and forth;
- The hair becomes rubbery, dull and rough;
- Hair loss may occur if the procedure is done at the root.
How to prevent chemical cutting?
The most important step is to perform the wickness test before any chemical procedure. It is he who will show whether your hair is fit to perform the transformation or not. Here's how simple it is:
1 - Take a piece of hair on the back of the neck - this is good because if something happens, the part can be hidden;
2 - Apply the product and wait about 45 minutes until it acts;
3 - Then wash and dry the lock normally to see how the hair will react;
4 - If he has any of the symptoms described above, better wait saw ?!
How to restore the wires after chemical cut?
There are many ways to save a chemically cut hair. Between them:
- Patience: It seems difficult, but it is necessary and important. In some cases, it may take up to 2 years to fully recover;
- Cut already: often, taking 3 or 4 fingers already solves and helps to greatly improve that damaged and brittle aspect;
- Capillary schedule in it: nothing like adhering to the stages of hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. They will replace water, lipids and hair mass to the hair;
- Moisture: In it, the hair is bathed with 100% vegetable oils 30 minutes before bath or before bed, thus making the night wet. The result is healthier, more lively hair;
- Take a break from the chemists: chemical procedure at this point don't even think. The situation can get much worse, and the recovery time increases even more;
- Also take a break from the dryer, curling iron and curler: electric appliances in direct contact with the locks can make your hair more elastic;
- Invest in finishers: A good finisher also helps super protect and strengthen yarns.
Now that you know all about chemical cutting, just take good care of your hair, right?! And if in doubt, look for a professional you trust.

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