Due to lack of knowledge in the subject, some people replace the conditioner by the capillary mask day by day, damaging the wires, due to the excess of hydration caused by the intensity of these products. See below the differences between Conditioner and Mask:



The conditioners are indispensable products in the day to day, because they return the natural oil of the hair. These oils, emit a protective layer for possible traumas caused by brushes, sun, wind and pollution. In addition, this type of product is considered the main pair of Shampoo, wich, opens the cuticles of the threads, leaving the responsibility to close them due to the conditioner.

Another interesting curiosity of this pair is that the ritual of application consists of the reaction of the positive electric charges present in the conditioners with the negative charges contained in the shampoos, making the hair lighter and shinier.

It can be used after all washes with Shampoo, but always with care, so that it is not be applied in the root, leaving the oily wires and at the risk of dandruff.


Hair Mask

Masks are extremely consistent products, with the sole function of moisturizing and fortifying damaged, dry and lifeless hair. Depending on its composition, the result of the mask may be instantaneous, and when used in the correct period, it is capable of positively transforming any type of yarn.

Because it is so intense, its frequent use can cause an adverse effect and further damage the hair. Experts recommend using this type of product once a month (for healthy hair) every two weeks (for slightly damaged hair) and weekly (for extremely dry hair). You should also avoid application to the root.


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