Do you know taninoplasty? A new treatment for your hair!

It is contraindicated, straightening solutions that have chemicals that are extremely harmful to the health of hair, and in some cases even to health. It was thinking about this, that the market revolutionized once again, inventing a new technique to smooth the yarn called Taninoplasty.


What is Taninoplasty

The procedure consists of smoothing and moisturizing the hair in a natural way, avoiding the excessive use of dryers and flat irons, or chemicals that smooth but damage the hair. The composition of the product counts on the tannins, substances in some vegetables, mainly the bark of macerated grape, chestnut and oak.

Experts say these micronutrients are excellent anti-inflammatories and are often used as a preventive of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Due to its effectiveness in several health treatments, it has been found through research that Tannins are also an excellent cure for extremely dry and rebellious hair, and promise to smooth the yarn perfectly without causing any damage.

You can find the ideal Taninoplasty treatment for your hair by clicking here


Written by Barbara Barros

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Is this good for eight years old girls who have long hair???



Would like to know if you have this product in Australia? And where can I get it I am a hairdresser in Australia, and have used this product when I was overseas and I love it. Just want to know where I can get it in Australia ? Thanks



I have a question I am in Rohd island and where can i find a good salon to do this treatment to my hair???

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