Hair vs. physical activity and sweat
Mong one of the womans beauty habits is the gym routine. Treadmill, bodybuilding,
spinning, dancing, fights ... the diversity of activities is enormous. Whatever is chosen, the fact
is the same: you have to sweat! At the end of the exercise, another concern with beauty comes
in: the care of the hair. And then, the question arises: should we always wash our hair after the
First, let's understand how sweat acts on the wires: sweat is made up of sodium chloride
(salt) and fat, which are produced by the skin glands. With the practice of physical activity,
these components have increased production, causing damage to the wires. Excess salt, for
example, can result in dry hair, while fat, which has a protective function, can clog the follicle
when it is too much.
In addition to damage to the hair fiber, sweat creates a scary appearance to any woman:
Sodium chloride and fat are liquids that moisten and stick to the wire, disrupting their shape,
creating embarrassment and resulting in an unpleasant appearance.
Therefore, the ideal is to wash your hair whenever you sweat a lot after a physical activity.
Of course if it is a moderate workout, it does not have this need, but when the hair drips off, it
is advised to wash them.
To maintain the natural oiliness of the yarns, you have to choose suitable products for
this. The low pool is a good option. On days when the you have to rush dry shampoos can also
help. They help reduce moisture and oiliness of the scalp, giving the hair more lightness,
volume and extending the duration of the hairstyle.

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